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Rogue Stunt Team

Rachel Kennedy
Dan Rathaus
Crystina Marlena
Nathan Kennedy
Mathew Kennedy
Adam O'neal
Gravity Schmavity

Welcome to RST web.

Rogue Stunt Team is a group of young stunt performers, trained by Mike Cassidy at On this site you will find Head shots, Resumes, and contact information. This site dose not include all students. Please let us know what you think of the site. You can E-mail the team captain at Thanks for visiting our site

Stunt Event in Camarillo, CA!

Sorry guys! This event has been postponed. We do not have a for sure date yet, but we estimate a Saturday in the month of April. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your support!

March 7th, from 11am - 3pm, Crystina Marlena will be hosting a day of training and competition, at Coach Patty's School of Gymnastics.

There will be indoor rappelling, rock wall climbing, high falls, and a fight scene competition*.

Admission will be $10 to help support the Gym. And all participants will have to sign a release before going on the floor.

From 11am - 12pm will be a swiss seat harness class. This class is $5 to enter (money will be put into the fight scene competition pot), and you get to keep your webbing*.

And starting at 12:30pm will be the fight scene competition. Cost is $5 to enter. Winners split the pot.

There will be an open BBQ, so bring your own meat and cook it there!

Please call Crystina to RSVP. You can reach her on her cell phone, (714) 271-8119.

* Webbing is the material you will be using to make your swiss seat harness. It is a sewn tube that is pressed flat. It is incredibly strong, holding up to more than 4000 lbs., and when your knots are tied correctly, proves to be very reliable.

* The fight scene competition will be judged by the attending stunt coordinators at the event.
Every one entering will put there name in a bucket. Teams of two will be drawn at random. That team will then have 20 minutes to coordinate and practice a fight scene. Then each team will get to perform it for the judges. The judges will pick the best scene, and the winners will split the pot 50/50.
No props will be aloud. Stunt performers must stay in the designated area. Performers ARE aloud to wear pads/braces. Teams will be separated between the time of their practice, and the time of their performance. Stunt performers must follow these rules or they will be disqualified. Once you are assigned to your team mate, you are not aloud to re-draw names. If one member of a team is disqualified, so is his team mate.







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